Post Graduate Program in engineering – Bioengineering

Innovate solutions to address challenges in the fields of biology, health and medicine

PG Courses for Biomedical Engineering

Duration : 11 months

Biological Engineering is an interdisciplinary discipline focusing on the application of engineering principles to analyze biological systems and to solve problems related to living beings– plant, animal or microbial– using human-designed machines and systems, structures, processes and instrumentation. The discipline of bioengineering, though a recent development in the science and technology, is a rapidly maturing area of knowledge influencing human life never before. The program takes an integrated approach to advance the knowledge of its graduates towards developing an understanding of fundamental issues applying the interface of engineering, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and computer technology.

In addition to its applications in the field of agriculture, bioengineering is widely used to improve human health in all developed nations of the world. The early detection of diseases, detection of pathogens in human bodies using advanced tools and devices, carrying out complicated and risky transplants and surgeries, computer-based blood analysis, laser systems used during corrective eye surgeries, detecting the development of fetus and genetic abnormalities, artificially developed limbs like hips, knees and joints and other prosthetic parts, ultrasound, MRI and other medical imaging techniques, pacemakers, dialysis machines and other diagnostic equipment have been a reality only due to the knowledge of bioengineering. This has also heavily helped the medical professional community to effectively diagnose and treat ailments and carry out definitive analysis before treating their patients successfully.

Program Structure
  • Interactive session
  • Advanced software
  • Major/minor Project
  • Projects and case studies
  • Dedicated student success mentor
  • Access to global opportunities
  • Ms. Aishwarya Rai (Program Advisor) +91 7506838298 or Mr. Ketan (Regional manager) +91 9921554429
  • Bachelor’s Degree from recognized college/university
  • Students appearing for final year examinations
  • Students appeared final year examination and awaiting result
  • Postgraduates, Industry professional
  • Receive guidance from industrial mentors
  • Teaching assistance & grades
  • Receive one-to-one feedback
  • Engage in collaborative real-life projects

Masters Program with Specialization in Bioengineering
Module Course Teaching Hours Learning Hours Student Learning Time (Hours)
1 Molecular Biology & rDNA Technology 30 120 150
2 Bioinformatics 30 120 150
3 Molecular diagnostics 30 120 150
4 Drug Discovery 30 120 150
5 IPR in Biotechnology 30 120 150
6 Data mining in Healthcare 30 120 150
7 Additive bio-manufacturing 10 140 150
8 Medical Image Analysis 30 120 150
9 Smart Medical Device Design 30 120 150
10 Bio-Sensors and Signal Analysis 30 120 150
Total 260 1240 1500