Post Graduate Program in engineering – Cyber Security

PG in Cyber Security

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Duration : 11 months

The said program which runs for an academic period of 9 months shall give an overview of all the domains of Cyber-Security and the basics of Cyber-Security.

The networking and security concepts taught in this course form the backbone of any security professional’s knowledge.

This will help to move on to topics in penetration testing, incident response, and many more while learning about the career opportunities in cyber-security.

There are no prerequisites to this course, however a good understanding about the functioning of computer systems is recommended

Participants shall also get to practically perform most of the exercises on live environments or lab setups.

Unique Points

Participants shall have Hands on Training and exposure to real time case studies and interactions with industry experts by use of Virtual mode of communication via. Video conferencing/meetings.

Group discussions and regular challenges such as CTFs, attack and defense labs, mock set up of secure network environments, bug bounty events etc. will help the participants to build confidence and get a more hands on approach.

Guest lectures by industry experts will also help the participants understand the current cyber-security scenario.

Future employment areas
  • Corporates
  • Government jobs (post qualifying Competitive government exams)
  • Bug Bounty Hunter
  • Cyber Crime and Cyber Law Consultants
  • Academician- spread awareness
  • Research
  • Analyst
  • Auditors
  • Ms. Aishwarya Rai (Program Advisor) +91 7506838298 or Mr. Ketan (Regional Manager) +91 9921554429
  • Bachelor’s Degree from recognized college/university
  • Students appearing for final year examinations
  • Students appeared final year examination and awaiting result
  • Postgraduates, Industry professional
Future job profiles
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Incidence Responder
  • SOC Analyst
  • Network Engineer
  • Cybercrime Consultant
  • Academician
  • Researcher in Cyberspace
  • Examiner of Electronic Evidence (need to pursue further studies in that area apart from this course)
  • Security Auditor
  • Cybercrime Analyst (need to pursue further studies in that area apart from this course)
Careers paths

Post learning this course, one can pursue a career in Penetration Testing/Ethical hacking, Cyber-Security Implementation, SOC, Security Audits and many other fields.

One can also pursue a career as a cyber crime investigator and help law enforcement agencies in solving cyber crimes.

Research is another area where one can excel.

One can pursue Masters and/or PhD in Cyber Domains.

Program Structure
Masters Program with Specialization in Cyber Security
Module Course Teaching Hours
1 Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Professional(Introduction to Cyber Security + Basics + Tools+Lab) 30
2 Web-Application(Introduction to Webapp, Testing standards + Business Logic Errors + Practicles testing on Labs ) 80
3 Internal & External Network Testing(Introduction to Network Testing + Methodology + Particles Testing on Labs) 80
4 Android & iOS + Source Code Review(Introduction to Android Testing + Methodology + Practicals + Introduction to iOS Testing + Methodology + Practicals + Source Code Review) 100
Total 290