Post Graduate Program in law – Corporate Law

Undertake an in-depth study of company laws and regulations

PG in Corporate Law

Duration : 11 months

Corporate Law students entering the corporate environment eventually will need to spruce up their understanding on the different laws that are at play in order to perform their jobs more effectively as they progress through the ranks.

Specializing in business and commercial law can help aspirants master the legal aspects of running a business, both local and international. The role of legal professionals in the business environment is gaining importance as laws are getting more stringent and complex as well. Adherence to local laws at every step of a business venture – right from starting a new company to hiring employees and paying up taxes – is important to avoid being pulled-up for non-compliance.This course can help law students and lawyers hone their knowledge on different business challenges, opening up job opportunities in the business sector. The course can prove a stepping stone to several challenging job opportunities in the business and legal sectors.

As the corporate industry has matured in various walks of corporate management and laws at different levels, top MNCs and the corporate giants are getting attracted towards good quality talent. They are ready to invest in the talented legal professionals having the excellent skills and qualifications in corporate law. In response to the growing demand, a significant number of law graduates are getting more inclined towards education in corporate law.

This program can help you to gain a complete grasp of laws that regulate among others, the financial and commercial operations of a company.


“Corporate law is a strong and versatile career option which has all the traits to make it an excellent career option.”

Corporate Law is a comparatively new field and the growth and career options are ample. You can get job placements in law firms, insurers, banks, asset managers, etc.

If you are interested in teaching field, you can become or appointed as a Teacher or Lecturer in colleges or universities after completing the master’s degree in corporate law.

Advocate: An advocate is a significant professional when it comes to a legal career in India or abroad. To perform his duties, he or she must have apt and thorough knowledge of the country’s laws. This profession also requires an astute awareness of human behaviour and psychology.

Legal Consultant or Legal Associate: A legal consultant or a legal associate assists in contract summarization, contract management, legal research, drafting, litigation and research- related projects. If one has specialized knowledge of the subject, one successfully manages to grow as a consultant with high paying offers.

Legal Document Reviewer: A legal document reviewer or a derivative’s job is to negotiate and review various kinds of legal documents. This includes legal documents such as draft responses and ancillary documents.

A Magistrate or Judge: This is a highly respected as well as regarded position in a legal career or in the judicial system of any country. In order to be a judge, one needs to be well nuanced with subject knowledge and skills.

Notary: A notary is also known as ‘notary public’. The notary public is a qualified and experienced lawyer appointed by the state or central government, recommended by the court. He/she is responsible for all the governance-related legal matters.

Oath Commissioner: An oath commissioner is also known as the ‘commissioner of oath’. The position is a freshly qualified lawyer appointed by the Registrar of High Court under the provisions of Law.

Trustee: A trustee is under a legal obligation to administer property for a specified purpose.

Program Structure
  • Online mode of learning (live class, video tutorials, case studies, etc)
  • Ms. Pooja Mahajan (Program Advisor) +91 7058655199 or Mr.Ketan (Regional Manager)- +91 9921554429
  • Bachelor’s Degree from recognized college/university
  • Students appearing for final year examinations
  • Students appeared final year examination and awaiting result
  • Postgraduates, Industry professional

Employment Areas
  • Corporate Firms
  • Law Institutions
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Courts or Judiciary
  • Finance
  • FMCG
  • International Organizations such as the UN or UNICEF
  • Law Firms
  • Media and Publishing houses
  • NGO
  • Real Estate
Masters Program with Specialization in Corporate Law
Module Course Hours
1 Research Methodology 30
2 Comparative Legal Systems 30
3 Law and Justice in Globalised World 30
4 Company Law 30
5 Banking Law 30
6 Insurance Law 30
7 Law on Securities and Financial Markets 30
8 International Trade Law 30
9 Corporate Trade Law 30
10 Dissertation 10
Total 280